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Die eine Quantentheorie
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Es geht um die einfachste Stringtheorie nach Art der ART,
die den Aufbau der Elementarteilchen erklärt.
Phänomene und Paradoxa lassen sich math. begründen.
Benutzt werden Falsifikation und das Noether-Theorem
mit der letzten Invarianz der Quanten.

It's about the simplest string theory in the way of the GR,
explains the structure of the elementary particles.
Phenomena and paradoxes can be justified mathematically.
Used are falsification and the Noether theorem with
the last invariance of the quanta.
The one quantum theory
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Die Theoie
der Oszis


It would be stupid to spend your whole life dealing with a theory that cannot be understood after all. A short test of my quantum hypothesis of matter, which still originated from my school days, seemed to me to make more sense. It was not foreseeable that the basic outlines of the theory would emerge in such a way in few weeks. Imponderabilia and mathematics led to the solution of the problem! The timing of their development also belonged to the imponderables. The advances in experimental physics were now sufficient to confirm them.
My suspicion that quantum theory as the very last thing itself can show where it goes was confirmed. The TO uses the fact that quantum epistemologically represents the lowest plane. A quantum theory was born! The model of elementary particles as oscis is only half as exotic as the standard model, because the observable phenomena turn out to be mathematical effects. This applies to all phenomena and paradoxes that have not been understood so far. Of course, the TO does not change the strange behaviour of the quanta, it can only be explained now! With the TO, quantum theory was disenchanted, making it normal physics again. The strength of TO lies in its ability to better interpret the experimental results, which led to the solution of the known unsolved problems (see PDF, Anhang B).

Concluding remark: The TO rehabilitates everyone to whom "wave-particle dualism" has always been suspect! Since it is based on the general theory of relativity, it is of course quite close to Einstein's ideas.

Matter, i.e. oscis, bend space-time, where space-time determines its motion.
Since the osci is in harmony with the quantum world, Einstein's vision becomes real!
Where the TO makes it possible to bypass the solution of the Einstein field equations, it is possible to verify the ART, especially since the G and Λ terms are in the context of the TO. On the other hand, this shows that my contribution only goes through as an introduction. More should not be expected. In addition, the scientific community is challenged. For this it would first have to arrive there, which is not foreseeable, however, since it is too far away from the standard (0 acceptance). The TO is in a completely different situation than it was when the ART was published. With the well-known mathematician Hilbert as a corrective, scientific acceptance was assured!

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Bibliography:  Apart from the fact that this article only refers to more or less known literature, the classic bibliography with Wikipedia has survived. It is not about Wikipedia providing the explanation; it is about Wikipedia providing the first important references (saves work). The note "more or less" relativizes the level of awareness, since it depends on the reader.
Copyright: This contribution is protected by copyright as a scientific contribution. Under the name "Theory of the Oszis" it is about the only possible quantum theory - first publication 27.04.2013 under www.quark.wkleff.de. This applies even more to the more detailed presentation of the theory as a PDF document, which also contains the calculations. This way of publication had to be gone, because the classical way was denied to me due to the explosive nature of the contribution.
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